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Cabot's Fumed Metal Oxides (FMO) business is comprised of three product families:

  • CAB-O-SIL® fumed silicas are free-flowing powdered products available in untreated and treated varieties. They are very versatile and used in a variety of applications, ranging from spark plugs and printing inks to pharmaceuticals, cake mixes, and coatings. CAB-O-SIL's versatility is related to its high degree of purity and amorphous structure, both of which lead to excellent performance.
  • SpectrAl® fumed aluminas (untreated and treated) are unique because of their unusual particle characteristics, crystallinity and high purity. In powder form, fumed alumina is fine, white, and extremely fluffy. However, when finely dispersed in liquids and polymers, it appears colorless and clear. SpectrAl fumed alumina enhances several properties in a formulation, including hardness and electric charge.
  • CAB-O-SPERSE® dispersions are highly stable dispersions of fumed alumina orfumed silica.They are dispersant-free and electrostatically stabilized. CAB-O-SPERSE products deliver mechanical, rheological, and optical properties of the dispersed particles in an easy-to-use waterbased system that reduces formulation processing time. The preserved state of dispersion in formulation enables very efficient use of the added metal oxide particles for the final application.


All of these products are primarily used to:

  • Improve flow properties of powdered products
  • Provide rheology control for liquids
  • Control sag of liquids (thixotropy)
  • Reduce caking of powders in storage
  • Prevent waxy products from congealing
  • Serve as a dry carrier for liquids and as emulsification agents
  • Act as grinding agents and polishing abrasives
  • Allow encapsulation of flavoring oils
  • Serve as a reinforcing additives in elastomers, adhesives, coatings and other applications