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At Cabot, we believe a comprehensive audit program is a critical component of assuring SH&E excellence. In addition to performing periodic self assessments, every Cabot manufacturing facility undergoes a corporate-led audit approximately once every three years. The actual frequency and timing of these audits are based on the risk profile of the facility and past SH&E performance. The scope of the audits includes regulatory compliance, compliance with Cabot's SH&E Standards & Guidelines, and industry best practices.

Compliance audits teams are led by a SH&E management professional, and include members from other Cabot sites, as well as outside consulting resources. After the individual site audits, each facility develops corrective actions for findings with timelines for their completion. Cabot's audit manager approves the actions and tracks their completion timelines until they are resolved. The results of the site audits are communicated to senior and business management, and an annual summary of facility performance is reported to the SH&E Committee of the Board of Directors.

Advancing Sustainability

Sustainability is an important measure of Cabot's continued success. Our 2012/2013 report summarizes our progress and commitment to improvements in safety, our environmental impact and community outreach.

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