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Sustainability is an important measure of Cabot's continued success. We are proud of the significant progress that we have made toward our sustainability goals. Our 2012/2013 Sustainability Report "Advancing" summarizes our progress and commitment in safety, environmental impacts and community outreach.

The report was issued in conformance with the Global Reporting Initiative's™ (GRI) comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Framework. View the full GRI Index.

We also released our 2013/2014 Sustainability Report Update detailing our continued efforts to drive innovation and advance our safety, health and environmental performance, while continuing to support customers, employees and communities all over the world.

Highlights from our latest sustainability report include the following:

  • Portfolio management: In 2013, Cabot expanded its carbon black manufacturing capacity through the acquisition of its partner's equity stake in their Mexican joint venture, NHUMO. In addition, the company opened a new carbon black manufacturing facility in Xingtai, China. These efforts will help to ensure Cabot can meet the growing demand for carbon black throughout the world.

  • Environmental performance: Cabot remains committed to reducing its impact on the environment through continuous improvements in its operations. By the end of 2013, Cabot had achieved more than 40% of its goal to reduce energy intensity by 10% by 2020, using 2005 as a baseline year.

  • Innovation: Cabot launched new products for a variety of applications including tires, silicones, environmental solutions and insulation materials. Cabot also continually develops and tests new products and processes in order to meet the demands and challenges of new applications and markets. Specifically, Cabot's inkjet colorants team recently created a test bed for the high-speed commercial printing market

  • Community outreach: From January 2013 through May 2014, the Cabot Corporation Foundation and Cabot's global locations donated or pledged approximately $2 million in direct and in-kind charitable contributions aimed at a wide range of programs.

We hope you find our sustainability report informative and we welcome your feedback on our progress.



Advancing Sustainability

Sustainability is an important measure of Cabot's continued success. Our 2012/2013 report summarizes our progress and commitment to improvements in safety, our environmental impact and community outreach.

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