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Unique properties of graphenes:

  • Higher electrical and thermal conductivity than copper
  • 100 times the mechanical strength of steel
  • Optical transparency when only few layers thin
  • Impermeability to any atom or molecule

Potential applications: 

  • Conductive composites, electrodes, and inks
  • Reinforcement of structural composites
  • Transparent conductors
  • Barrier films

Cabot's performance technology portfolio recently expanded to include graphene nanoplatelets. While graphenes and standard carbon black both are made from carbon atoms, the unique shape and structure of graphenes make them perfect for expanded application opportunities.

Cabot is interested in building a network of potential collaborators in both industry and academia to continue to advance our capabilities. If you are interested in using graphenes or are working in this area and would like to know more about our plans, please contact us.



Graphene LIVE! 2013

Designing Particles for Performance

Cabot takes pride in designing particles for specific customer applications. We have created entirely new businesses as well as advanced traditional applications such as electronics, tires and other industrial products.

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