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Cabot Inkjet Colorants, founded in 1996, is the market leader for aqueous pigment dispersions utilized in the desktop inkjet market. 

Cabot's exceptional competency in carbon black surface modification has underpinned the huge success of the Inkjet Colorants product line.  We have leveraged decades of fine particle technology and surface modification expertise to deliver the CAB-O-JET® range of black and color, high performance aqueous pigment dispersions.

The CAB-O-JET® line is based on a unique and proprietary stabilization technique that delivers superior print performance, stability, durability and flexibility for the inkjet ink developer, making them your first choice when high performance and ease-of-use matters.

With quality manufacturing, strong research and development and technical expertise, Cabot Inkjet Colorants are well positioned to overcome the challenges of current and emerging inkjet printing applications.

Applications Beyond Inkjet Printing

Although primarily used within inkjet applications, our aqueous pigment dispersions are also finding a place in applications outside of printing.  If you want to discuss how our products may help you or obtain a sample, please contact us