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EU Directive 76/769/EEC: PFOS and PFOA - Carbon Blacks

Amendment by Commission Decision 2006/122/EC restricting PFOS and reviewing PFOA.

EU Directive: End-of-Life Vehicles (2000/53/EC) - Carbon Blacks

Compliance of Cabot Carbon Black products with End-of-Life Vehicles Directive.

EU REACH Chemical Policy - Carbon Black Products

Statement is provided certifying pre-registration of Cabot carbon black products.

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Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) - Carbon Blacks

Statement regarding Cabot Carbon Black products and genetically modified organism products or materials.

Heavy Metal Information - Carbon Blacks

Methodology for evaluating presence of heavy metals in Cabot's carbon black products.

IARC Classification - Carbon Blacks

Health impact assessment of carbon black by IARC.

IMDS International List Reportable Substances - Carbon Blacks

Regarding compliance of Cabot Carbon Black products with International Material Data System, Standard 001.

International Chemical Inventory - Carbon Blacks

International chemical inventory information for carbon black that includes Europe, Japan and Korea.

JAMP Declarable Substances List - Cabot Carbon Black Products

Cabot Carbon Black information regarding the Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium declarable substances list.

Kosher Status-Black Pearls® 4350 Franklin, LA (U.S.)

Orthodox Union certificate for Black Pearls® 4350 manufactured at Franklin, LA facility.