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Ultra low thermal conductivity for optimum performance 

A critical requirement for operators developing subsea oil and gas fields is the ability to transport unprocessed hydrocarbons, which are frequently at high pressure and high temperature, over longer and longer distances along the ocean floor. Without sufficient insulation, the hydrocarbons will cool and create hydrates or wax build-up and eventually clog flowlines at significant costs to the operator. 


Cabot's aerogel insulation is the ideal choice for meeting these challenges. With ultra-low conductivity, no degradation over time, the ability to maintain insulation properties under compression, and complete hydrophobicity, Cabot aerogel delivers superior performance. When compared to traditional insulating materials in environments from cryogenic to HPHT, aerogel outperforms the rest:

Cabot has developed a series of aerogel products for pipe-in-pipe flowlines and other subsea systems to address the challenges posed by harsh environments in an economic and efficient way:

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