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Cabot's proprietary manufacturing method creates NanoSpring properties in the structure of the aerogel particles, which provide unique mechanical benefits in addition to its already outstanding thermal properties. With an operating temperature range from -200°C to 250°C (-330°F to 480°F), aerogel systems can be used where many competing insulations cannot, such as in high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) pipelines and in LNG systems. In the LNG industry, Cabot aerogel has been used as a key component in subsea LNG pipeline design and also to increase capacity and/or reduce boil-off in the design of LNG ships and storage vessels.

Additional benefits include:

  • Thermal conductivity 2-6x lower than traditional insulation allows for use of thinner insulation layer and/or higher insulation performance
  • High thermal efficiency and low density offer space and weight savings in transport applications
  • Mechanical resiliency accommodates thermal cycling and vibration without loss of performance
  • Choice of product forms provides maximum flexibility in system design and installation methods
  • Resistance to moisture and UV ensures long-term performance even in harsh environments
  • Good for acoustic insulation applications, especially at low frequencies