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The Aeroclad product is a flexible high-temperature insulation material formed by integrating Cabot's silica aerogel within a non-woven, inorganic fiber batting. The Aeroclad blanket delivers a dust free, flexible wrap that takes advantage of the superior thermal insulation performance and hydrophobic nature of aerogel, minimizing the potential for corrosion under insulation.

Cabot's Aeroclad blanket delivers more than twice the thermal insulation protection compared to conventional high temperature materials and can be field modified and easily installed for use in a wide range of industrial applications such as pipelines, refineries, steam lines, tanks and other equipment.

Key attributes include:

  • Faster drying
  • Lower water retention
  • Highly insulating
  • Hydrophobic
  • Superior corrosion performance
  • Dust free
  • Fire resistant
  • Easily cut or sewn
  • Flexible
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Quick and easy installation