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The following companies incorporate Lumira® aerogel insulation into daylighting systems for commercial and residential clients around the world. Click on the company name below to check out their website, or use the links to the right of this page for their individual brochures.

Cabot Aerogel brings together forward-thinking and environmentally conscious organizations to continue to seize the market development opportunities created by superior daylighting systems that incorporate Lumira products. If you are interested in an OEM relationship, contact us.


Structural Composite Panels

United States Europe
Kalwall Scobalit

Structural Polycarbonate Systems

United States Europe
Wasco Products Alcaud S.A.
Duo-Gard Ecodis
Acralight Essmann GmbH
CrystaLite Roda (EMB)
Aerolenz Xtralite Rooflights
Solar Innovations Skydome


Structural Polycarbonate Sheets

United States
Amerilux International

U-Channel Glass

United States Europe
Technical Glass Products Pilkington BGI

Insulated Glass Units

United States Europe
Advanced Glazings, Ltd. Okalux

Unit Skylights

United States Europe
Acralight Ecodis
Wasco Essmann GmbH
CrystaLite Roda (EMB)
Aerolenz Xtralite Rooflights
Duo-Gard Skydome

Smoke Vents

Essmann GmbH
Roda (EMB)
Xtralite Rooflights

Tensile Structures/Fabric Roofing

United States