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As energy-efficiency standards for buildings become increasingly stringent, using a traditional insulation material often means having to accept increasingly thick layers of insulation in walls, floors, and roofs. This consumes valuable floor space in new construction.  In renovation projects, if it is even possible to increase insulation thickness at all, significant aesthetic and functional compromises are often required to retrofit more insulation on the inside or outside of the building envelope. 

Cabot aerogel can help building owners and architects break away from these compromises. With a thermal efficiency that is 2 to 4 times greater than traditional materials such as polystyrene, mineral wool, and cellulose, aerogel delivers more insulation performance with less thickness. Along with high efficiency windows and daylighting systems, the use of aerogel in walls, floors, and roofs can help a building meet even the most difficult requirements of the Passive House, LEED Platinum standards, as well as ever more strict regional requirements.


Cabot aerogel can be used in different product forms:

Boards for insulation and finishing systems, best for interior applications where space is restricted and thickness of insulation is especially important

  • Aerogel enables boards with ultra-low thermal conductivity - as low as 15 mW/mK (R-9.6 per inch)
  • 2 – 3 times the performance of conventional interior insulation boards 
  • Aerogel-enabled boards require 2-3 times less space than traditional insulation boards for the same performance
  • Aerogel boards are extremely open to moisture but repel liquid water for reduced risk of mildew issues or structural damage

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Cabot aerogel is also enabling the next generation of insulating plasters:

  • 2 – 3 times more effective than currently available insulating plasters and even better than currently used insulation boards with lambda values down to 0.028 W/mK
  • Easy spray coating application works on uneven surfaces, piping or cables
  • No insulation board handling or cutting for reduced installation time and cost
  • No gaps for water condensation, no head bridges
  • Can easily model the shape of the facade - will not change its appearance
  • Inorganic system is ideal for retrofitting of historical buildings
  • Vapor open, can be used in interiors or exteriors
  • Light weight, easy to handle
  • Can reach fire class A2

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Cabot aerogel can also be used in its granular form for cavity wall infill  or in a blanket form, Thermal WrapTM. The Thermal Wrap blanket is especially useful in applications where a thin product is required that can be easily cut, rolled, and/or shaped on the job site. Because it delivers high insulation performance even when compressed, it is especially useful as a thermal break in places that otherwise conduct heat, such as over studs and around windows.

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