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Outdoor product manufacturers can now engineer footwear, outerwear, sleeping pads, gloves, hats andaccessories with half the thickness and bulk of common insulating materials. The solution is Cabot's new aerogel Thermal Wrap, an ultra-thin non-woven fabric that retains insulating properties when wet, is twice as warm as leading insulators, and up to twelve times warmer when compressed.


Because the nano-sized pores in Cabot aerogel block heat transfer far more efficiently than traditional fibrous insulators, Thermal Wrap insulation doesn't have to be bulky to be efficient. This allows outdoor product designers to engineer sleeker, ultra-thin products, which can increase speed, dexterity and agility for outdoor athletes.

Thermal Wrap insulation is available in varying levels of warmth for year-round outdoor products:

  • Thermal Wrap 800 insulation is perfect for performance outerwear used in high-adrenaline, extreme-cold conditions.
  • Thermal Wrap 600 midweight insulation can be used for footbeds, protecting feet from cold or hot surfaces.
  • Thermal Wrap 350 insulation is ideal for gloves, providing consistent warmth—even when fingers are bent.

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