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A passion for curiosity, research, and invention has been part of Cabot's culture since the day Godfrey Lowell Cabot applied for a patent for a "carbon black making apparatus" in 1882.

A young entrepreneur imbued with natural curiosity, Godfrey combined his knowledge of pigmentation and chemistry with an understanding of natural gas to become an early producer of carbon black. A key ingredient for the exciting and growing applications of Godfrey's era, carbon black was found in newspaper and magazine printing inks as well as tires and other rubber goods needed for the fledgling automotive industry.

And, Cabot continues to expand the boundaries of carbon black. Just as in Godfrey's day, opportunities exist in the tire industry, where carbon black can help increase fuel efficiency and tread life. In addition, carbon black is used in the printing industry for applications such as toners and inks, including for use in the latest inkjet printers.

Cabot fine particles now key for emerging technologies

Throughout the 20th-century, Cabot employees built on Godfrey's legacy by creating products that made a difference in the growth industries of their times, from fumed silica for adhesives, coatings and pharmaceuticals to other fine particles used in telephones and computers.

Today, Cabot's expertise includes developing custom fine particles for new and emerging applications. Cabot Aerogel, for example, delivers never-before-seen insulation properties in daylighting systems and undersea piping, and our cesium formate fluids provide access to both undersea and underground oil reserves in a cleaner, less costly and more efficient manner. Cabot has also expanded into activated carbon, which purifies water and air. You can find a complete list of today's products here.

Godfrey lived to the age of 101, walking to work every day well into his 90s. All of us who follow behind him are awed by his longevity, inspired by his competitive spirit, and carry on his legacy.

Advancing Sustainability

Sustainability is an important measure of Cabot's continued success. Our 2012/2013 report summarizes our progress and commitment to improvements in safety, our environmental impact and community outreach.

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